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Everything About Bigg Boss House That You Will See Tonight!


Bigg Boss 9 is all set to start in a few minutes. Before that we ring to you a final round up of the house that you just can't miss. In the photos, the house looks like a fun pad and every thing about it looks perfect! 

1. The Entrance Of Bigg Boss House, where all the fun will begin

2.The Kitchen area, and if you remember all fights starts with the kitchen only. Haina?

3. This is the living bed room area where the couples (just friends) will be seen enjoying their own company. You get my point, right?

4. Oh, the swimming pool area where we will see a lot of romance and chilling at night.

5. The main area you just can't miss, the meeting room where all the blame games and friendship, love, relationship everything will be proved over time.

So we are totally excited to watch this episode tonight maybe because this time the Double Trouble Dhamaka will bring some more drama and troubles, and our favorite Salman Khan will host the show, the fun you just can't miss.

- Akriti for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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