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Goodbye Chapped Lips- DIY Lip Scrub In This Festive Season!


Chapped lips not only look bad but also tend to pain and even bleed. Lips need exfoliation too as dead skin cells tend to develop overtime. Some people simply run a tooth brush over their lips to make them exfoliated and pink but since the lips are too gentle, they need to be taken care of using something mild and chemical-free.And when I say chemical-free, I mean to disclose a DIY for the same. No wonder there are many lips balms which do a pretty nice job to help you get rid of chapped lips but as I said, dead skin cells are adamant and would go away only with a scrub.

With the festive season around the corner, you girls surely would not want to wear your new lipstick over chapped lips. So, to get rid of dead skin from your lips, here is a DIY lip scrub which not only makes your lips soft but is also quite yummy.

1 teaspoon sugar (brown/white), 1/5 teaspoon oil (coconut/olive), a pinch of coffee.

In a small bowl, pour all the ingredients well. Make sure that the mixture is not flowy and not even too harsh at the same time. When the sugar is moist with the oil and you can’t resist the aroma of coffee, you’re done. Now transfer it to a small container which should be having a lid and you can store it up to a month.

Exfoliating is not a daily job. If you have very dry lips, use it twice a week, else once. Just take a little amount on your finger and press it against your lips. Now start to rub it in circular motions and repeat it for a minute. Then clean it with a tissue or just eat it up if you please.You will notice a considerable change in the texture of your lips with the first application itself but make sure to not use the scrub daily. 

Check Out The Video Right Now:

Say hello to soft, pinky lips!

Photo Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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