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In This Festive Season Don't Care For Oily Hair!


A working day can be tiring and by the end of it, you want to jump into your bed with your pyjamas on, gazing at the TV. /laptop screen and eating pizza. But what if you suddenly realise that your hair is so not ready for the next day? It is sticking to your scalp and is too greasy to even tie it up in bun.This situation is quite perplexing as on one side you are way too tired to head to your bathroom for a hair wash session and on the other, you’re hair look simply pathetic.


So ladies, don’t panic as I have good news for you. The news is that oily hair can be tamed too. You must have noticed that second and third day hair surely look greasy from the bangs and crown, but when tied up in a ponytail or bun, the result is usually very tidy and classy. So what are you waiting for? Just do the same but to prevent your entire look from getting ruined with the grease, do this to make your bangs and crown fresh and oil-free.

1. Dry Shampoo:
This product is just wonderful. It is a shampoo which doesn’t need any water or lather. All you require are a few sprays and voila! Clean, dry hair for a good hair day.

2. Baby Talc:
Raise your hands if you love the aroma of the Johnson’s baby talc. Trust me, this is the only product you need. Just take a little amount on your palm and with your fingers work in into your roots. Keep repeating the same and make sure there is no visible white residue.

3. Partial Wash:
Tamed bangs can give a nice definition to the entire face. You can just tie the rest of your hair back in a bun and wash your bangs while bathing. Quickly dry them out with a blow-dryer or just leave them to the air.

Bid Goodbye to greasy hair and warmly welcome fresh, dry tresses all ready to flow!

Photo Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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