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5 easy ways to get rid of flabby arms at home


Who doesn't like wearing off shoulders and cut sleeves tops and dresses. But if you're a part of the flabby arms club, I'm sure those pretty dainty dresses must be lying peacefully in your wardrobe. Fat arms spoil the entire outfit and you end up wearing the same old clothes over and over again.

But we all know that getting rid of this flab isn't a deal that little. Regular gymming, weight-lifting and a lot of dedication is required. Well, what if I tell you that all of this is a myth? You can achieve toned, sexy, slim arms by following some easy exercises and yoga and following a simple diet.

So, this winter, gear up and follow a simple regime which will give you perfect looking arms the coming summer.

#1 Skipping 
Skipping not only helps to reduce the arm fat considerably but helps tone the legs and reduce weight. Skipping can be done easily at home in the morning or evening and apart from a skipping rope, no other equipment is required.

#2 Push-ups
Push-ups and toned arms are literally BFF's. They're surely a little hard and exhausting but you can gradually increase the number of push-ups day by day. The difference you see in terms of fat reduction is bound to give you inspiration to do push-ups everyday.

#3 Drink Water
Drinking water can help flush out toxins and keep your system healthy. A healthy system is accompanied by a faster metabolism and hence, let fat accumulation. If you're someone who doesn't drink much of water, start by having 6-8 glasses a day and gradually increase the amount to 12 glasses. Also, make sure you have at-least 1 glass of lukewarm water in the morning before having any meal.

#4 Smaller Meals
Having too much food at once is the worst thing you could do your arms and your body as a whole. Doctors suggest to keep munching every two hours but munch healthy. This will prevent you from having huge quantity of food and give a boost to your metabolism.

#5 Side Plank Pose
Yoga is highly effective in reducing body weight and flabby arms. The easiest and most effective Yoga pose to reduce arm fat is the Side Plank Pose. It doesn't stress the body too much and on the other hand is easily doable at home on a yoga mat.

- Image Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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