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5 simple ways to up your metabolism an lose weight faster!


With the festive season in full swing, we’ve all been guilty of gorging on those yummy mithais and chocolates, and continuing with the invariable struggle to keep the extra kilos at bay. Making time for regular gym routine is obviously hard for most of us and even if we do, an hour in the gym can only help you a little. We give you five sure shot ways to up your metabolism and be healthy that by the way will also help you shed those extra kilos you have piled on this festive season. Read on to know more.

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1. Start your day with the age-old magic potion! 
It’s a tried and tested daily routine many follow to lose weight and add that extra glow to their faces, a glass full of warm water with a dash of lemon and honey on an empty stomach can really kick-start your insides and metabolism and prep you up for the day ahead!

2. Have small meals at short intervals
Contrary to what most believe, cutting down on calories and going hungry for long hours can run havoc with your metabolism. Keep it in check with 6-7 small, healthy meals spread throughout the day.

3. Move your butt and be more active 
Yes you heard us right, one of the keys to up your metabolism is to lead a more active lifestyle in general. You don’t necessarily have to indulge in strenuous exercise everyday (well, if you do then nothing like it) but simply making lifestyle alterations life taking the stairs, taking your dog for a walk, doing household chores can really contribute to increasing your metabolism. As a rule, taking 10,000 steps in a day count for an active lifestyle!

4. Green tea all the way!
So, we’ve all heard of the amazing ways in which green tea can help you and to our good luck, they all seem to be true! Ditch those chai and coffee breaks and replace them with green tea. Infused with all things good, 3-4 cups of green tea a day can greatly up your metabolism and what’s more, your skin and insides will thank you for all the detoxification!

5. Don’t skip breakfast
We’ve all been taught to have breakfast like a king and that it’s the most important meal of the day. But somewhere, with our hectic morning routines, we’ve all taken the great king sized meal for a ride. Most of us skip breakfast without realizing that giving such a long gap between dinner and breakfast can play havoc with our systems! Opt for a wholesome, hearty first meal of the day that keeps you fuller for the day ahead.

Include these small changes in your daily routine and say hello to a  healthy life!

- Image Source : Pinterest. Jesmehr for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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