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8 Unique Birthday Ideas to make Your Boyfriend Feel Extra Special


Surprises are a great way of getting people closer. Surprises leave a strong emotional impression and make the person feel super  special, especially if it's your boyfriend's birthday and you are planning a kick ass birthday party, everything has to be perfect! A perfect party requires intricate planning which involves making lists, brainstorming ideas, getting out of your comfort zone and thinking outside the box.

Here we list 5 Unique Birthday Surprise ideas for your boyfriend:

1. Fill the room with Balloons tied to love notes or pics
When your boyfriend is out for work, decorate his room with Helium balloons tied with love notes or pics. You can write about all that feel for him and let every note carry a unique message.

Image: Pinterest
2. Make a collage with Random pics
We often post on our social networking sites the perfect picture with our boyfriend or partner. What makes this collarge even more special are the random pics of each other that you clicked, sleeping, doing something silly, sharing a meal , anything that reminds you of a very personal memory.

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3. Gift him a Booze cake
Make a cake stack out of his favorite beer or drink. It's sure to make him cry with happiness and this is sure to get a kiss or two.

Image: Pinterest
4. Prepare his favorite meal
This is one of the best ways to celebrate your love's birthday. Most guys love it when a woman cooks for them. After all the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Make him his favourite food, use a family recipe or if your guy prefers to dine out, take him to his favourite restaurant maybe the one he has been wanting to try since long. Nothing beats a candlelight dinner at home or at a restaurant.

5. Tickets to an event
You can get tickets to a concert or sporting event that your guy has been wanting to go. What better surprise than listening to his favorite band playing live with him. To make it more special keep it a secret till the end, until you reach the venue.

6. Plan a Getaway
Plan a surprise getaway with your boyfriend on his special day. If you have the right savings take a romatic trip to Goa or go on a bike trip to Leh. Men love it when their women become adventurous.

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7. Movie Marathon
If your guy loves being indoors and doesn't want to go out party on his birthday then get all his favorite movie DVD's, grab a bowl of popcorn and watch back to back movies. Your guy would love that you dedicated the day just being together and having fun. Just the two of you.

8. Birthday week
Instead of making one day special , make the whole birthday week count. Leave small notes and gifts every day to let him know how special he his. On his big day, leave notes at various places in the house and let those notes lead him to you and his big present followed by a kickass party!

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