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#Guiltyconfessions : 6 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life Today!


The other day I was chatting with my friend and the topic steered to ahem! How naughty or saucy our love lives are! Love making can become more than a bit of routine, we all have been there. Its very important to spice up your love encounters to keep that spark flying. My friend shared some pointers with me which she and her partner use, to keep the love making too hot to handle each time.

1. Dare each other
My friend said she and her husband dare each other to do things out of ordinary, like making loud noises when doing the deed. Take advantage if the wedding season, the noise due to bandwalas, and moan and groan as much as you like. It's super exciting to see your partner enjoying what you are doing to them.

2. Act out each other's fantasies
Another thing that my friend shared was that couple should always share their deepest darkest fantasies and desires. Share orally or write it to each other as to exactly what you want. Then act it out. And see the temperature rise

3. Push each other's limit
Being nervous is also kinda hot. Do things out of ordinary, make love at places you never thought you would like the terrace, under the stars, trust me it's an experience of its kind or in the car of course with the garage door shut!

4. Dress up
Get ready in your best sexiest outfit , do make-up , style your hair like you are going on a date. Wear something even more sexier inside. Surprise your partner by looking like a bombshell .

5. Have a no clothes policy
We get undressed for making love but how much do we notice each other's body. So make a no clothes policy which means going around naked in the house whether to the kitchen or watching a movie together. Of course not implied to people with glass window houses.

6. Play hard to get
Being easily available isn't that much fun. So make a pact to refrain from making love for a week but doesn't mean you can't get naughty or touchy with each other.Only  Kiss, caress, squeeze each other till the weekend arrives. Trust me the built up anticipation, the arousal is worth the wait. And when it finally happens it's going to be LEGENDARY!!!

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