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Contouring - 3 Budget Friendly Ways


Makeup, as we always say, is an art and contouring, a branch of that beautiful art. Could we, sitting in our homes ever think of achieving a professional looking makeup look which made our jaw look chiseled, nose look structured and the cheeks and eyebrows so glowing and rich? Well, we Indian beauties seemed to have tried our hands at the art of contouring and highlighting which is slowly becoming a part of our regular makeup.

Contouring, if you are not aware deals with creating artificial shadows on the face and is done in areas like plump cheeks and double-chins whereas highlighting is just giving a subtle sheen to the high points of the face. Contouring, which a professional techniques, requires professional products and tools/brushes. But, if you are a beginner and do not want to dig holes in your pockets, use these affordable contouring techniques and work your way for a defined and structured face.

1. Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick (INR 250)
If your skin is a fairer tone, use the Maybelline BB Clear Glow Stick  in the shade Fawn. As this product comes in only 2 shades and, the fawn being the darker can serve the purpose of a contour/shadow. Blend it in well so that harsh lines aren't visible. 


2. Foundation
Be it in the form of a gift or a blunder, almost all of us own a foundation darker to our skin tone which has been lying unused and abandoned. It's time to put that foundation to use to contour your nose, cheek bones and jaw. You can also easily contour your beauty/collar bones and your cleavage with a darker tone foundation. 

3. Eye-Shadow
Eye-shadow palettes are a vanity mandate and almost all palates come with a dark brown shade. And the sign of a makeup pro is to swap products for uses other than their own. You could also invest in some brown eye-shadow such as the Makeup Revolution London's Eye Shadow which has around 13-14 shades of brown. These eyeshadows are priced just for INR 295 and you can choose the shade according to your skin tone. 
Expert Tip- Choose a tone 2 tones darker than your original skin tone for a natural looking finish. 

So there you have it! If you find cream/ foundation contouring a little difficult, there are many budget-friendly contour kits available in the market. The Makeup Revolution London's Sculpt contour Kit is priced for around INR 800 is a high-quality product at a reasonable cost. Consider visiting your nearby beauty shop for any drug store contour kits or eyeshadow palates with more of brown tones and have a handy contour to accentuate your look anytime! 

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