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#GuiltyConfessions: 11 Reasons I Know My Husband Loves Me


I am sucker for romance. I love the feeling of being in love. I love reading words and feeling emotions that pertain to the idea of love. The way my husband takes my name is music to my ears. I love expressing my feelings, I love PDA's . But there are moments when I find myself wanting my husband to be the guy who tells me how much he loves me. All. The. Time.

Every women feels special when their husbands give them special attention. And it's fun to think of ways your husband expresses his love for you. But not everyone has the ability to find the right words to express their feelings. Not everyone is good with words. Like my husband. So how does one know how much their husband loves them?

Here are 11 reasons I know that my husband loves me :

1. He holds my hand while walking
I have always stood by this fact that when a husband and wife take out time together to go for a walk  there's love. Some times we discuss topics, sometimes we silently just enjoy each other's company holding hands, blissful!

2. He watches my Favorite show with me
Despite the fact my husband doesn't enjoy my genre of daily soaps, especially these days it's Big Boss ; but he still watches, occasionally asking questions about the housemates. He is happy just to see me enjoying it, that's love.

3. He let's me have the last bite
I am a big foodie. I love having the last bite. The last bite is usually special, as it's the grand finale of a palate party that happened in my mouth! Since I am super indecisive I always get attracted to what's on his plate. So I want to have what I am having and what he is having too!

4. He wipes my tears
There are times when my heart's heavy and no amount of consoling can help me. He understands that I need to cry, my tears need to fall. He would just silently hold me and wipe my tears. That's comfort.

5. He take Selfies With Me
My husband isn't a big fan of getting pictures clicked and I am exactly the opposite. I love getting pictures clicked. Sometimes when we are all dressed to go out, or when we are somewhere out I insist that we click a selfie together. And then usually I don't like it, so we pose again and again. He poses each time till i feel we have got the perfect picture. Isn't that love!

6. He helps me clear up after guests
My husband has always helped me clear up the mess that we have after hosting a party. Since he knows I was up early in kitchen cooking all the delicacies , he encourages me to rest till he clears up, whether it's keeping used crockery in sink or washing the expensive drink glasses, he does it all. It's always a nice feeling to know he cares.

7. He tells me that I am beautiful
My husband has always complimented me whether I ask or not. He pays attention to what I wear, how i have kept my hair , what lipstick I am wearing etc. Even on days when I am not really feeling it, he keeps my spirit high by my telling me I always look pretty. Love is blind eh!

8. He praises to me his friends
It feels amazing when my husband speaks high of me with his friends or family. Sometimes when I am right there and can hear him. Whether it's about how I keep my house, my cooking or how organised I am. At times it makes me blush, but inside I feel loved.

9. He is good to my mother
This is very important to me as my husband knows how special my mom is to me. I always listen to her and he knows whatever I am, has been taught to me by my  mom . He always shows respect and love towards her. This means the world to me.

10. He never lets me go off to sleep upset
My husband knows I just can't sleep after a fight till it's sorted. I will keep tossing, turning in frustration , crying silently till I finally fall asleep. So no matter how long it takes we always sort out our differences.

11. He is faithful to me
Its very important to build trust in a relationship and I know beyond any doubt that he would never cheat on me. I know he holds our wedding vows as sacred as I do. I can trust him, no matter what he is doing, or where he might be.

These are just a few reasons why I know my husband loves me. I hope to reciprocate the same kind of love and respect. This is the true way to happiness in a marriage. And it takes constant awareness and vigilance, but it's totally worth it! Otherwise it totally boils down to this: If you are not successful in giving your husband a reason to be in your love with you, then he won't be!

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