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Reader's Speak: 5 Confessions of The Newly Married Indian Bride


If you have signed up on our email subscriber list, then you must did receive a questionnaire from us on candid wedding confessions. For those of who who aren' aware, we send exciting stuff to our subscribers once a week to help us create content :) This time the theme was relationships and wedding owing to Miss Guiltybytes wedding. So we asked you to share your most memorable, embarrassing or candid memories from your (new) wedding and here are 5 most interesting, funny and exciting answers we received...

Disclaimer: The names have not been shared because duh-uh, privacy!

1. "I pretended to fall asleep on the night of our wedding reception because I was too tired with all the wedding drama and events. So when my husband tried to get close (to kiss me), I pretended to snore out loudly only to make him give up and fall asleep."

2. "My friends made me gulp a glass of whiskey while we were on the stage receiving our guests and because of a gastric attack I threw up during my pheras. Worst moment of my life."

3. "I took over 3 hours to get out of my wedding lehenga and to undo my hair only to realize that my husband was fast asleep. No sex that night, no sex for the entire week for him :P"

4. "We were so hungry on our wedding night that we decided to skip the hotel and instead go to a drive through Mcdonalds to pick up food first. Having that maharaja mac was the best bite of my life."

5. "On our wedding night, my husband and I didn't have sex. We hugged each other, snuggled all through and told each other how much we were lucky to have made it together finally."

Our fav is #5, what about you guys? Also, thank you to each one of you who sent us your answers. Can't wait to share more from the series. 

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