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In Review - Toni&Guy O.P.I Manicure and Pedicure


Let me simply begin by saying that I have found a new way of ultimate relaxation and that has to be the O.P.I Manicure and Pedicure started recently by TONI&GUY. They do not call it a regular manicure and pedicure but a spa. TONI&GUY, a brand which specializes in its beauty services and products has started this miraculous O.P.I range of services which is solution to almost all your skin problems.

Since winter is setting in, you ladies must be experiencing dry, itchy and stretchy hands and feet. This also leads to shedding of dry skin as well as cracked heels. Especially in the extreme Indian winters, no body moisturizers, lotions or body butters seem to work. But there's one thing which surely would not disappoint and that is the O.P.I Manicure and Pedicure.

The O.P.I range can also be termed as a treatment. It is because, before beginning with the mani and pedi, they identify the problematic areas of your skin. You could have extremely dry skin, or a pigmented and tanned layer, courtesy- the lady love for exposing footwear for which the O.P.I  has in its umbrella a product for each requirement.

My Experience
Time for a guilty confession! I rarely use sunscreen on my feet and hands and also, I'm a huge fan of strappy sandals and blingy, exposing flats. So naturally, my feet and hands, especially my knuckles tend to get affected by the sun. So, to get rid of the tan, I chose to go in for O.P.I Pedicure and Manicure in their South Extension branch in Delhi.

Where a regular manicure and pedicure session lasts for about 45 minutes, the exclusive O.P.I went for a whopping two hours and trust me ladies, these two hours on a massaging chair were sheer relaxation and transformation of my feet and hands. What you might find a little strange is that they cover your feet and arms with a layer of plastic wrap! Well, yes but that works to seal the moisture in keeping the skin hydrated for days altogether. Also, the usual process ends with cleaning the scrubs and creams off with water but the O.P.I ends magically. They will gently apply a dose of moisture and seal it in with another solution which mattifies the cream and voila, the stickiness is gone leaving the feet and hands all soft and supple.

TONI&GUY has also come out with a range of beautiful O.P.I Nail Lacquers and I was too eager to try one of them on. So, I went with a bright red shade which had a finish so glossy and mesmerizing. Though it takes its time to dry but the lacquer won't leave your side for at least 4 days without chipping.

It's time for a little pampering and falling in love with your hands and feet once again. It's time to visit TONI&GUY for an O.P.I Manicure and Pedicure. If you happen to make a visit for the same, do let me know your experience in the comments section below.

I went to the Toni&Guy, South Ex salon and I recommend it to one and all. Stay beautiful :)

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