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#GlitterBeardTrends: Men are covering their beards with Glitter for the Holiday season


Who doesn't love glitter. Glitters make you feel all festive and frolic. Some guys have given a new meaning to the use of glitter. A new weird trend has surfaced on Instagram where bearded men are covering their beards with glitter for the holiday season. Yes you read it correct! Covering the beards with glitter, all over. 
In fact two men Brian and Johnathan from The Gay Beards posted a YouTube video instructing fellow beard men on how to achieve the look in time holiday season.

Step one: Apply oil on beard
Step two: Liberally sprinkle glitter all over it.

A photo posted by YouBeard (@youbeard) on

This look is being termed as the Ultimate Christmas look. Let us know what you think of this Glitter beards, is it festive and fun or have these beards bedazzlers gone too far? 

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