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Subtle Glitter Eye Make-up!!


There is nothing that glitter can’t make it better, The new eye trend is the Sparkle eyeliner. Its stunning and one can stand out instantly and we suggest it for both night and day events. One must definitely have one of these in their beauty bags. Today we give you these top eyeliners with these amazing new colors to try out.

Golden Glow
The subtle yet sultry sparkly golden which is best for our Indian skin tone. One can rock this eye color best in all of our Desi functions and will gel well with ll your Indian wear. This is bold and gold will never disappoint you.

Blue Hues
The soothing blues are going to make everyone fall in love with your eyes. They are perfect for a normal day out and will compliment all your denims. One can go simple in their look as the blue eyes will alone  carry your look alone.

Sparkle Silver
When talking about glitter we just can’t miss silver. The only color which works well with both Indian and western is silver. One can wear it over  black and grey eyecolour it works well with all eye shadows too.

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  1. I absolutely love these. You have totally inspired my makeup look for tonight!