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Honeymoon Packing Guide: What To Save & What To Spend On?


Dear brides-to-be,
If you have already decided where you are heading for spending some quality  time with your man, and looking out for best clothes to fill your bag wit and woo you man. Then hold on, and wait, because the clothes picking might go waste, so before you go on your shopping spree, scroll down as we tell you what to save & what to spend on?

Where to spend on?

- Lingerie!  
No matter what, just do not forget your lingerie shopping that too specially for your honeymoon. It's going to be the most romantic trip in your  entire life with your partner. So, you need to make it more special  to spice up things. Also, if you are going for a beach holiday, do spend on sexy swim wears to make your guy fall in love. 

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- Pretty Heels & Jacket!
Don't stuff you bag with dozen of heels to match with all your outfit, rather just keep one sexy pair of stilettoes to match all your outfit and pretty night dresses. It will not only save more space in your bag but will also save you from packing and unpacking the boxes. Also, don't forget to buy a beautiful jacket that goes well (in case the  temperature drops).

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- Statement Neckpieces
Ok! Remember just to buy one of those statement neckpieces that make all your honeymoon outfit beautiful.  Don't take your entire jewel box with you, as you don't want to spend hours deciding what you want to wear with what. Instead keep it all simple and just buy one of those pieces that works with almost all the outfits.

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What to Save on?

-  Evening dresses!
You are going on honeymoon and not on date, don't buy evening gowns or cocktail dresses. Rather keep your look cool and

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- Bags
There is absolutely no use of carrying millions of bags to match all your outfit. There is no need to buy bags for your honeymoon, just one bag that matched all your outfit will do, try investing in a leather sling bag, that is easy to carry all your makeup essentials. 

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- Shoes 
Once you have chosen your heels, you just need one pair of shoes to get set ready for your honeymoon. 

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