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Here Are 10 Things The Indian Army Training Teaches You


So you made it to IMA or OTA or NDA? Well congratulations, as you embark in your journey to become an Indian Army officer, you must say hello to the official RAGDA that will begin shortly! We have listed down 10 things you will learn, while on your training in the military academy. (p.s. This is all for fun)

1. Early to bed, early to rise will give you enough time to shine bright!

and will also keep you away from the uniform restrictions. 

2. You learn to conquer all your fears after all- Dar ke Aage Jeet Hai.

3. You learn to battle time and the results, well they aren't that bad eh?!

4. You learn that you are your only friend in the exam, hence you study! 

5. Your reflexes become faster day by day! You are more efficient & quick especially when it involves food. 

6. You learn the art of perfect SELFIES and after hours of relentless polishing, you call it a mirror selfie! 

7. You now learn the value of sleep and why 8 hours of sleep is recommend for adults!

8. It's in your academy days, you realize the power of your dreams! 

9. You learn to appreciate life and find happiness in small achievements! 

10. You learn the most important lesson of your life in the Military academy and that is called as- Brotherhood

We hope you enjoyed 10 lessons that we curated for your. We have sourced all the images from Troll Indian Army. They have some really funny trolls that you can't miss. If you like the story, do share it :)

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