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Most Commonly Used Beauty Terms You Should Know


If you have been following a lot of beauty blogs and videos on Youtube, you must have come across a lot of beauty terms and abbreviations which may have left you all confused and boggled. Well, anyone who has been in the makeup and beauty world for long usually resorts to using abbreviation for certain terms. Also, many makeup brands name their products based on those abbreviations seeing the popularity of it in among bloggers and also the customers. Here are some terms that any beauty junkie should know!

So here are a few beauty terms and abbreviations which will make it easier for you to understand tutorials better as well as help you pick up products wisely.

Acne - Generally known as Pimple in India

- Beauty Advisor

BB cream - Beauty/ Blemish Balm

BO: Body Odour

CC Cream - Colour Corrector Cream

- Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

DD Cream - Dynamic Do-All Cream

DS products - Drug Store products

DC: Discontinued

DUPE: Lower-cost product that is almost identical to a high-price product

EOTD - Eye of the Day

EOTN - Eye of the Night

ELF: Eyes Lips Face

HD Makup - High Definition Make up


LOTW: Look of the Week

MUAH - Make up and Hair

MUA: Makeup artist

P+P: Prep and prime

PRO: Professional

TM: Tinted moisturizer

SPF - Sun Protection Factor

Disclaimer: Many of these beauty acronyms have alternate definitions, these are just some new ways they’re being used around the beauty industry. Let us know if me missed out on any by dropping a comment below.

- Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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