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Ranbir Finally Tells Why He Didn't Attend Tamasha Promotions On Bigg Boss


Deepika Padukone was seen on Salman Khan's much watched show, Bigg Boss9. She was seen talking, blushing, dancing and proposing to the actor amidst her Tamasha film promotion. While she took care of the entertainment bit, Ranbir Kapoor missed the show and made everyone  conspicuous of his absence. As reported on DNA, Ranbir clarified, "Deepika is going for Bigg Boss, I am not.” After the show was telecasted, when Ranbir was quizzed about his absence, he simply replied, “Deepika and the marketing team thought ‘Bigg Boss’ is a big platform to promote the film. But I didn’t go for my own personal reasons."

Everyone who has been following the actor knows all about his personal reasons! He is dating Katrina Kaif, former girlfriend of Salman Khan. The two have been seen making constant efforts to avoid each other which obviously meant skipping Bigg Boss for Ranbir! 

Ranbir and Deepika’s Tamasha releases this Friday.

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