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Red Lipstick- The Perfect Tool to Conceal Dark Circles


Dark circles are adamant and no matter how many serums or eye-creams you apply, they just won’t go away. Well, this certainly does not mean that you let them stay where they are as concealing them is the thing to do. Dark circles not only can make you look tired and dull but they can even prevent your face and make-up from looking presentable.
But wait, has your concealer lost the battle too? In such a scenario, be a fighter and pick up your red lipstick in your defence. Confused? Well, don’t be as red lipstick works as the best concealer for the dark under-eye area. By lightly dabbing in some lipstick simply top it up with some concealer matching your skin tone and you can achieve beautiful, fresh looking eyes. Say goodbye to dark circles and use your eyes as a canvas for the dramatic wing or the edgy cat-eye look.

Here is a tried and tested YouTube tutorial that will make you realize that red lipstick really works on the Indian skintone. 

- Image Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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