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3 Easy at Home Exercises for Toned Thighs


When you feel like lazying around in your bed early in the morning instead of going for a jog, you know winter is here. It's time to head out wearing your sexy knee high boots and short dresses making heads turn with your slim, toned legs and thighs.

Here are a few exercises which don't require going to the gym and can still work wonders to tone down your flabby thighs.

Chair Squats
Chair squats don't require any fancy equipment apart from a chair and are perfect for beginners. The exercise is quite similar to sitting the only difference being you don't have to actually sit. Repeating 10 chair squats 3 times everyday is ideal for beginners.

Leg Lift
Targeting the inner thighs, the leg lift is a major fat burner. It's easy and not exhausting and all you need is a yoga mat.

The V-position can be achieved by placing your feet in a V position, heels lifted up and knees open and bent. This position not only helps the thighs but also gives a toned shape to the butt.

So ladies, skip those chilly winds in the morning and work your way out at home to get super sexy toned legs.

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  1. So true about winter! Now that it is getting colder I am finding it harder and harder to get myself to work out. I'll definitely give these a try. Thanks!