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In Review - The Body Shop Divide and Multiply Mascara


If you want instant definition to your eyes, a coat or two of mascara and the job is done! Well yes, mascara is a definite must-have for every women as nothing is as sexy as long, defined lashes. In review today I have a mascara I can swear by and that is the The Body Shop Divide and Multiply Mascara.

Read on for a full review of this product and whether you should be investing in it or no.

It's sleek, it's sexy and a definitely travel friendly. With a shiny silver lid, the mascara gives your vanity a luxurious look. 

As soon as you will see the applicator/wand, you're sure to fall in love as it looks so promising and at the same time, so tempting. The mascara is not thick and will not clump at all yet give your lashes a look similar to falsies. Ladies, 2-3 coats and you're bound to fall for this baby! 

The mascara is priced for INR 950 for 10 ml of product. It is surely an expensive buy but worth the investment. Also, the quantity is quite good so it will last you long. All you college bees, the sale season is about to commence and you never know you might find it for a 50% off!

I totally, totally recommend this product to each one of you. If you're a makeup addict or no, this mascara is sure to impress!

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