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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Weight 'Without Exercising'


We know how badly you want to wear that bodycon dress to the new year party but this belly fat won't just let you. Bulky arms, thighs and excessive weight can stand as a big barrier between you and your beautiful fitted dresses. You talk about it to people and they would simply tell you to shed it off by exercising and we're sure that your try! But exercising before office is a lazy deal and after office, well, you just need your bed.

So, here we are with some easy changes you need to bring in your lifestyle and also some tips and tricks for a sexy, toned body.

1. Sweet tooth? Won't work!
No matter how effective chocolates are to get rid of office stress but ladies, you need to give them away to your little neighbor next door. Be it icecreams, sorbets or anything sweet, reduce the intake to just scoop/piece a day. Also, try putting a teaspoon less of sugar in your coffee as it can be of great help.

2. Bid Bye to Beer 
No party is simply fun without pitchers and pitchers of beer. But, it's already winters and time to change your drink. Usually called a beer belly, drinking beer could also be the reason for your double-chin!

3. Water all day, every day!
Set a goal to drink atleast 10 glasses of water everyday and increase to by 2 glasses weekly. Drinking lukewarm water with lemon and honey is not a remedy over-hyped. It tastes good and should ideally replace your morning coffee without brushing your teeth. Try having 6-7 glasses of lukewarm water which helps even more effectively.

4. Break your Meal
Hungry? Well, don't hog on to everything at once. Have something little, crisp and healthy every 2 hours. Sitting in office this isn't difficult to do either. Breaking your meal can give a boost to your metabolism and help in complete weight loss.

5. Stop chewing post 8 p.m.
Start having your dinner at 7 p.m. for a month and you'll know for yourself once you're on the weighing scale. This method is a sure-shot one provided you just resort to milk or fruits if hunger strikes  post 8 p.m.

Adhere to these 5 habits and flaunt a body to die for!

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