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Learn How Living In A City Affects Your Skin With Boroplus #MySkinMyCity App


If you live in a big city like New Delhi, you’ve probably seen at least a couple “air quality alert” these days. While living in the national capital can be exciting; the buzz, the chaos, the everyday vibe, I admit that there are times when I find my skin not looking or feeling great! Yes, our skin is sometimes the last to know it, but the city throws many things our way, which can influence the look of skin and cause sensitivity. I took the Boroplus My Skin My City test recently and realized that my skin faces a lot each day- dirt and pollution, the weather and more. 

Amidst all the work and a busy life, it is rare when you pause only to realize that the air your skin breathes can lead to long term harms like patches, blemishes, sensitivity and even because premature aging! 

The my skin my city score has brought these issues to my notice and how. Changes in temperature, humidity, wind, sun all play a role in the condition of your skin. The air pollution can weaken the skin’s natural barrier, which means it can no longer do its job properly thus making your skin way more sensitive. 

I know that there is a lot to take in but here’s what I have started to do to protect my skin against the pollution in the city-
- Apply an antioxidant serum before you slather on SPF to create a shield against dirty air
- Wash your face before bed and make sure that you apply a repair nighttime damage moisturizing cream.
- Exfoliants such as scrubs are particularly good for counteracting the effects of air pollution on skin so make sure that you exfoliate every once a week. 

While the skin we have right now may look supple and serene, but if we don’t start caring for it now, it’s going to be all-downhill from here. Make sure to take this test here and find your city score now!

*Guiltybytes X Boroplus

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