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Thinking of Removing Bikini Hair? Read this First!


Bikini hair is natural and we clearly don't indicate that it is a must to remove it. Grooming and maintaining the hygiene level of the bikini area therefore, is important. It could be your first time or like most other women, you must be looking for the most appropriate way to remove your hair down there.


What I have is your ultimate guide to bikini hair removal which will tell you about the various techniques you could use along with the pros and cons of each respectively.

1. Shaving
A razor is something which every beginner puts her hands onto. Shaving the bikini hair is the most convenient option. All you need is a sharp razor, some shaving cream and a mirror. 4

- Shaving is completely painless and can be done easily on your own.
- Shaving is much cheaper than other ways of hair removal.

- If you are new to shaving your bikini area, you can be prone to cuts, razor bumps and bleeding
- Hair regrowth after shaving is usually quick and sometimes itchy.

What to keep in mind
- Always make sure to trim your hair as much as possible prior to shaving. 
- Exfoliate lightly and dip your bikini area in warm water for atleast 10 minutes before shaving.
- Use the razor in the same direction of your hair and ensure that the razor is sharp.
- Do not go over the same area more than twice and if you have over sensitive skin, make sure you shave it only once. 
- Apply generous amount of oil after shaving and for the next 4-5 days. 

2. Waxing 
Waxing is the oldest and most sought after way of removing bikini hair. Waxing the hair is not easily possible at home and you need to usually visit a salon for the same. 

- Waxing is a comparatively long-lasting way covering all the intricate and minute areas. 
- The skin after waxing usually becomes fairer and softer. 

- It is the most painful method of hair removal.
- It is very time consuming and messy if tried at home. 

What to keep in mind 
- Make sure to visit a salon which uses disposable waxing strips for bikini wax.
- Ask the lady to wax small sections of hair to feel less pain. 
- Post waxing, use some ice on the bikini area to sooth the pain and numbness. 
- Use cotton and comfortable inner wear atleast for a week after getting your bikini area waxed. 

3. Hair Removal Creams 
After shaving, hair removal cream is the next painless and convenient method of getting rid of bikini hair. 


- Using a hair removal cream is painless. 
- It can be done easily at home and doesn't require much time and effort. 

- Hair removal creams if left for a longer time can cause allergic reaction on the skin. 
- Constant use of hair removal creams can lead to darkening of the skin.


What to keep in mind
- Do not use hair removal creams often as they are filled with chemicals.  
- Make sure that the hair removal cream does not touch the inner part of your vagina as it can lead to infection. 
- Follow the instructions printed on the packaging strictly. 
- Use the cream on a small patch to test if it suits your skin.

So ladies, you can remove your bikini hair at home using any of these three ways. If you have any other ways, tips or techniques to remove your bikini hair, do comment below to let us know. 

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