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Trending: Fairy Light Hairstyles On Christmas!


Christmas is here and we bring it to you the most trending hairstyles that are breaking the internet! Who would ave ever thought that you can also use pretty lights in your hair? Here is the step by step tutorial for you to do a really cute updo!

1. Firstly section your hair vertically into 3 separate sections. In the middle section, create 3 braids going down the back of the head — one at the crown, one in the middle and one at the nape of the neck. As you braid, do not separate the ends. For more textual look allow them to knot. 

2.  Use the braid closest to the nape of the neck as the anchor for the battery pack. Place the battery against the nape while leaving the lights off to the side. Pin your braid around the battery with bobby pins to hide the pack and secure onto the head.

3. Take the other two braids and pin randomly around the battery pack and back of the head to create a messy looking updo.
4. Twist each side section over the top of the updo and secure on either side with bobby pins. 

5. Take the holiday lights and gently secure into the bun with bobby pins in a random fashion for a festive and effortless look. And just like this, you've got the most unique look at the party!

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Try out these cool hairstyles in Christmas!

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