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#WallofKindNess To Help Homeless In Iran Will Make You Believe In Humanity All Over Again!


Iranians are creating 'wall of kindness' for the helpless people and they also generated debate online about efforts to help the poor. Well the idea started in the northern city of Mashhad, and they also installed the hooks and hangers on a wall with the words," If you don't need it, leave it. If you need it, take it." This drive rose to popularity on Facebook and everyone is appreciating it with the message. " This is a great initiative. Hope it spreads across Iran", said Facebook user.

If we believe in official figures then 15000 are homeless in Iran. The 'wall of kindness' idea is similar to another citizen-driven initiative called 'Payan-e- Kartonkhabi'. 

Come and join this initiative on Facebook and help out the homeless people of Iran! 

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