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3 DIY Hacks to Make Matte Nail-Polish at Home


2015 while bidding bye has surely given the beauty world another sexy which is 'matte.' Be it lipsticks, eye-shadows and even nail-paints, matte is making women around the globe go crazy! No wonder matte nails look amazingly textured and utterly beautiful, but matte nail-colors are quite heavy on the pocket.

But how can we not have a solution? You can now color your nails matte and attend the much awaited Christmas and New Year bash letting your nails grab all the compliments for you without even having to go to a nail art parlor. 

1. Temporary Matte Top Coat
A top coat is usually made of clear nail polish and can be applied over any color/nail-art to quickly give it a matte finish. 

Take fine, filtered cornstarch which is free of any lumps. You would not require more than a tea-spoon. Put a pinch on a plate/container and add a few drops of clear nail polish. With the help of a tooth-pick mix the two well and quickly apply it on your nails as it can dry up soon. 

2. Matte Nail Polish with Eye-shadow
Almost everybody owns an eye shadow palette which has been lying for years unused or for a party if you wish to match your nail-color with your eyeshadow, this is what you should do!

Take a plate and scrape off a 'matte' eye-shadow of your choice. Make sure that it is completely powder not having any thick lumps. If the nail polish is semi glossy, you could add 2-3 pinches of cornstarch to it. Now, add some clear nail polish and mix everything well till it becomes a smooth paste. Apply it in no time as this also won't last you very long. 


3. Steam your nails
The other two ways surely involve a lot of wastage. So, if there's your favorite nail-polish which looks the best in a matte texture. Here's a method to make the entire bottle of nail polish matte. 

You need to paint your nails and before the nail polish dries, put your hands over a pot of boiling water. Hold your hands so that the steam flows through your fingers and wait till your polish dries. Voila! It’s matte.

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