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10 Gifs of Alan Rickman That Will Make You Miss Him As Professor Snape!


We lost Professor Snape for the 2nd time. Both times are equally heartbreaking!

It really is a sad day today. Alan Rickman, also known as professor snape has left us after he lost a battle with cancer.  He was such a great man, amazing actor and beloved human being. He’ll never be forgotten. Here are 10 gifs that will always make us miss him as Professor Snape.

#1 That time when we all wanted to tell him, hey what is your problem?

#2 That time when we wanted to ask- why?

#3 That time when we wanted to call him Severus ‘Sassy’ Snape.

#4 When you wanted to ask him why would he never ever relax his facial muscles and smile.

#6 When he reminded us what hatred could do to people!

#6 When he taught us the most important lesson in life!

#7 When he almost did make us cry :(

RIP Alan Rickman.

100 Points to Slytherine! All gifs via Tumblr.

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