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5 Ways To Make Your Razor Last Longer!


While shaving your legs and arms will give you smooth feeling, the maintenance of the tool may come with a high cost. To deal with the incessant costs, we bring to you some tricks that will help your razor stay as long as possible.

1. Always remember to trim First:
If you are going to shave for the first time then know that shaving for the first time or if you are shaving a part of your body with more hair than others, like Bikini area so we advice you to use trimmer and avoid clogging the razor again and again.

2. Before Shaving, Prep Your Skin:
If you are using proper shave oils and shaving cream it will leave you with a smooth finish. Also use warm water to open the pores and soften the hair.

3. Don't forget to rinse your blade after shaving:
So most of the blades that we us have teflon coating and residue fro the shaving creams can dissolve the coating that will make the blade weak and clog it as well which will ultimately disrupt your shaving. 

4. Store your razors in a cool and dry place:
Because of humidity the razor should be keep in a cool place. After you shave gently pat your razor dry then place it either by hanging or keeping in a dry place.

5. Protect your razor every time you travel
Here's a tip, travel with your razor by wrapping it with a paper towel to prevent it from hitting anything. It will remain safe and undamaged all through your journey. 

Always remember that you should not use the same razor for too long, replace it every-time your blade gets dull or old. 

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