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"A Lot Of People Don't Like Me, But I Will Work Hard" Says Varun Dhawan!


Varun Dhawan is already ruling the Bollywood industry with his superhit movies. Recently in an interview with HT he opened up that lot of people still doesn't like him. He said," A lot of people don’t like me. You don’t always meet people who like you. The point is to keep working hard and trying to make people like you. When I work on a film, I don’t work on it only for those who like me; it is also for the ones who don’t, so that if they like the film, they might say that Varun has this side to him as well. Badlapur was one such attempt. I am not saying that I want to be diplomatic, but very often, my sarcasm doesn’t come through. So, I feel I need to watch what I say, at least sometimes."
Well, we don't know about other people but we love you! 

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