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What? Amaal Malik Beaten Up By Cops At Umang Festival?


Amaal Malik is the new composer and singer who is ruling the hearts of million fans. He composed songs for Hero and Roy. He was recently spooted at Umang Festival where he got into an argumnet with the cops. Well, according to Spotboye Amaal was already in the event when his parents came he gone outside to bring them in the festival. When Amaal was leading them in through the VIP gate he was told by a cop who was dressed in civil clothes. The cop asked them to use regular gate.

 The cop was actually a senior officer from the Mumbai Police who was dressed in civil clothes. The senior officer wouldn’t take this lying down. Infuriated at Amaal’s behaviour, he and a constable present at the scene started beating up the composer-singer. When Amaal’s uncle, Anu Malik heard of it, he rushed to the gate and apologised to the cop on behalf of Amaal. Then, the officer accepted the apology and let go of Amaal.   

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