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Deepika Padukone Shares How It Was Bumping Into Ex Boyfriend Ranbir's Mother!


Deepika Padukone has been making waves both in Bollywood and now in Hollywood. She is the next 'it' girl of Bollywood after Priyanka Chopra of course. In a recent interview, Deepika was asked about her relationship with her ex boyfriend Ranbir's mother- Neetu Singh and how her presence on the sets of Tamasha became news wherein Deeepika got candid and said...

"I blanked out completely during that time. I remember her coming for one of the trials but I don’t think it was mine. She had her own separate trial. Obviously, she would come for that trial. I am working with her son in the movie and she’s been very hands on where his work is concerned. She’s been a huge fan of Imtiaz’s work. As far as the electrifying chemistry is concerned, I think as an audience she (Neetu) has every right to feel that. I agree Ranbir and I did share that electrifying chemistry in Tamasha and everyone who has seen the film felt that, including the reviewers. So when everyone feels that, she’s justified in feeling that."

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