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How To Clean Your Face After Makeup


Makeup can surely enhance one's beauty but once the party  is over and we head home the real challenge of removing makeup begins. Some of us contemplate between sleeping with it on or just washing it off. But do we ever take into account the method of removing makeup like what kind of makeup removing product to use or the temperature of water , should it be cold or warm. The purpose of cleaning is to remove makeup along with sweat and bacteria. Using the right method of removing all the makeup can make your skin healthier and feel are a few pointer:

Cleansing Before Washing
Using soap on face isn't advisable and just washing with water cannot remove the makeup properly. Cotton balls are soft and should be used along with an oil based makeup remover to clean the face. Its best for removing makeup from eyes and lashes. face tissues can also be used for the same.

Clean Face In Circular Motion
Rubbing your face aggressively will only damage the skin. the right method of using a cotton ball or wipe is to dab it in the makeup remover apply on face, and then gentling rubbing the remover into the face using circular motion starting from the area around the lips, onto the cheeks and the forehead. this should be done for 2 minutes and then rinsed with lukewarm water and gently pat with with either a towel or tissue.

Toning And Moisturizing
Makeup removing also involves pampering your skin with moisturizers once it is clean.toning and moisturizing should be done while the skin is still wet and the pores are open. This helps in better absorption and makes the skin glow.

Choose Facial Wipes Wisely
Facial wipes are good to clean makeup but shouldn't be used very frequently. There are a variety of wipes available in the market so one has to be careful while buying as many wipes contain preservatives , harsh surfactants and other strong ingredients. Always rinse your face with water after using wipes.

Double Cleaning
In today's time , the air is full of pollutants that can harm the skin and cause wrinkles. Experts advise to clean your face twice after removing makeup. This involves massaging the face with cleaner or oil based remover and then rinsing. After first wash rinse again to thoroughly clean the face and remove any traces of makeup or dirt.

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