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Pooja Bedi's Kickass Response On Her Daughter's Internet Shaming Proves That Moms Are The Best!


It all started with a post by my favorite celeb blogger, Miss Malini who posted photos of Aaliyah Ebrahim stating how beautiful the girl had grown up to be when she was slut shammed by the readers in the comment section for being the not so usual girl that she is!

The reactions were bold, negative and demeaning... 

Some called her drama ready

Some thought she was way too wild to be a Bollywood actor

And then some slut shammed her

Her mommy dearest and famous model turned actor Pooja Bedi made this powerful statement-

"Every woman has a right to wear whatever she wants to. To label a person on merely her dressing, all the while ignoring her other achievements as a person shows blatant repressiveness. Morally attacking people based on what she is wearing wrong because the term morality is subjective. To a Saudi woman, an Indian woman is immoral because she exposes her face to the world. It is grossly a misjudgment of character and morals"

She also highlighted her daughter's achievements and added- 

"A child who has got over 90 per cent in her board exams, who is now studying in one of the premier film institutes in the world, who has won a National award for art and who has got about 82 K followers on Instagram on her own is indeed commendable. Girls like Aalia should be role model for women across the board. It is your choice to be bothered by criticism or not"

No wonder, Aaliyah Ebrahim posted this photo for her mommy!

A photo posted by Aalia Eff (@aaliaf) on

Information source: Missmalini

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