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How To Fix Body Areas That Are Prone To Dryness In Winters!


Dry skin is irritating, itchy and looks pretty bad! With the winter season on a roll I am busy catering to the demanding needs of my skin and that is when I thought I should list down some of my problem areas plus ways in which I am combating dry skin.

This is no surprise as elbows get extra dry in winters. If you are tired to combat dry elbows then please know that the area is rough because of it's constant rubbing against sweater sleeves or your desk, and more. To fix them up, I exfoliate it with a body scrub or a coffee and brown sugar scrub that has a little bit of coconut oil in it. Wash it off and apply a body oil or baby oil to this area so that it doesn't dry up and feels soft. 

For the first time in 24 years, I have dry eyelids! I use to think whaaat this can happen too?! My derma told me that it happens when one uses a makeup remover with alcohol in it. To fix dry eyelids, just keep cucumber slices and then moisturize it with little bit of vaseline.  

I know this is a no brainer but most of the times, dry lips happen because of dehydration and low consumption of water.  Drink plenty of water and you can even scrub your lips with sugar, oil and honey followed by the application of a lip balm. 

Hands can look embarrassingly bad when your white knuckles shine through. I have been there and that's why I suggest that you use thick lotions or hand creams to protect your skin. 

Meet your elbow's brother! Having a similar texture they are equally prone to the dryness. Apply a body oil to the knees to soften the skin. A body lotion is a good option too provided your skin isn't too dry. If is feel striped off it's moisture then opt for  body oil. 

Also avoid indoor heating for your skin and opt for emollients that keep skin softer. Stay warm, stay beautiful!

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