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Shah Rukh Khan And Honey Singh Make Up At a Party!


Vikram Phadnis celebrated his 25 years in the industry with a grand runway show and an after party. After a long time, Yo Yo Honey Singh was spotted at this social gathering and guess who he bumped into? Well, none other than but king Khan himself. This is what happened between the two...

The two parties together and according to sources, "Honey took the first step." It is said that he to SRK to let bygones be bygones. He even said that he was at fault and SRK should consider his ill-health to be the reason of his attitude which had upset him. He shared the above photo with a caption- And the after party with lovely shahrukh bhai.

The chat went on for 20 minutes post which the two were seen exchanging friendly hugs!

Looks like 'All's well that ends well'. The two worked together last on the famous lungi dance in Chennai Express. Let's hope for their comeback!

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