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#SunoSkinKi: It’s About Time That You Listen To Your Skin Problems!


Busy schedules don’t allow us spending hours for skin care. Very often I have pushed myself for my skin care routines for lack of time and finding my skin paying the price for that (yes it has happened to the best of the people). Having been occupied with an exciting start up, events, travelling and so much more I have realized that an easy skin care routine is what every one of us needs! Frankly speaking, at the end of the day no makeup can address my skin concerns and problems. You call it demand of my profession or just a disciplined routine, my passion for beauty has lead me to finally listen to my skin! I believe a lot can be said just by observing the different expressions of a person and this is how my skin feels when I do #SunoSkinKi

#1 Rough Skin: What doesn’t feel soft, feels awkwardly rough.

 #2 Itchy Skin: There’s nothing more terrible than having to itch the skin all the time.

#3 Flaky Skin: It should only be limited to snow and not the skin at all.

#4 Tight Skin: The only time smiling can become a pain.

#5 Dull Skin: How drab does that sound and look!

#6 No Suppleness in Skin: Rigidity looks and feels so bad.

#7 Unhealthy Skin: Duh-uh need I say more?!

#8 Papery Skin: Because it’s time to say yes to say to not so fragile skin.

I can so relate to the fact that despite being in our hectic lifestyles, having the best skin is always the last thing on our mind. Everyone’s got a thing or two to tell you when it comes to beauty essentials, organic methods or DIY beauty but how do we know what works for our skin? Well, in this case #SunoSkinKi, and adopt a lifestyle that becomes imperative in maintaining your flaws. Go for BoroPlus Moisturizing Lotion for a Happy BoroPlus Skin like mine. 

Happy BoroPlus Skin to you!

Hope you all enjoyed the fun post I did today. Also, don’t forget to share your wacky expressions of dry skin problems using the hashtag #SunoSkinKi via a picture on BoroPlus’ Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts and stand a chance to become the face of BoroPlus Moisturizing Lotion by getting featured in one of their digital ads!

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