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What? Bigg Boss Team Decided To Interchange Rishabh And Suyyash Votes?


Bigg Boss is one of the most popular shows on the Indian television and there are always rumors that some of the fight and eliminations are scripted. According to the weekend Suyyash Rai was eliminated, he had received more votes than Rishabh. A source reveals to that, “When Suyyash was eliminated, he had received more votes than Rishabh Sinha. But the team decided to interchange Rishabh and Suyyash’s votes and so the latter was eliminated.” 

According to the source the whole elimination was done in a bid to save Rishabh as well as to remove Suyyash after his threatening remarks to Mandana. Rishabh is a strong contender while Suyyash failed to create any controversy to the show and that's why makers decided to removed him from the show. 

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