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Genelia And Riteish Gave The Most Romantic Interview!


Genelia and Riteish are one of the best couples in Bollywood. After their marriage, their love keeps growing and in a recent interview with DNA they gave the most romantic interview. Here are some excerpts from an interview that gives us #RelationshipGoals.

When asked about You’ve moved from friends to lovers and then marriage...
Riteish: "I am glad that with Genelia, we met, became friends and then that friendship grew into conversations that went on for a very long time. The beauty of it was we didn’t even know when we fell in love."

Genelia:" I am glad that we went through all these phases because life is all about evolving and when you get married, there is a comfort level that I had with Riteish right from day one. The first three days, however, we didn’t talk to each other."

When asked about who is more romantic...

Riteish said," It’s like if I step out, I will look for her hand. It’s a rarity that I will be walking with her without holding her hand". 
Genelia: "We don’t fight. We have our arguments and discussions. I have learned that from Riteish;never to sleep on a fight."

The most romantic things they done for each other...

Riteish: "We still write letters to each other and proper, handwritten ones, not SMSes or emails. When I was dating her, I used to write one every day."

Genelia:"But I could not keep his letters at home for fear of getting caught, so I gave them to him for safe-keeping. We both have all the letters. After I got married, I took back his letters and now have them with me".

How cute are they!

Read Full Interview here

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