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Find Out How Parenthood Has Changed Genelia And Riteish!


We can say that Genelia and Riteish are the most adorable couple of Bollywood. But they are the best parents also. Recently in an interview they talked about that how their life changes as the parents. Genelia said that she observed the changes in her husband's sleep patterns and laughs," He has to see his son before he goes to sleep. And if he can’t manage that, he will wake up early in the morning, however tired he is, to meet Riaan, who is an early riser. I never knew Riteish could do that as he can sleep forever." Riteish added,“I know all the tough choices she made, so I knew that she would be a responsible wife, too. Till you become a parent, you can’t fathom the change that happens in you. So for me to look at her as a mother was a real thing — she doesn’t consider it an effort — but I know this… the timing, the right kind of food, the internet research she does, she talks to people and such. She listens to everyone, but makes her own choices.”

They are expecting their second child! 

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