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Here's My Response To The Open Letter - "Someone wants your love!"


While sipping my hot cup coffee today at work, I came across an open letter on that made me think about the biggest organ in our body- the skin. I read through the letter and somehow it remained in the back of my mind as I moved on with my day. With Valentine week setting in, I had been so caught up to put together the perfect date look that I didn’t really care about how dry my eyelids felt or how papery my skin was all this while. If you ask me, I hadn’t even paused to realise all this until I read your open letter. But let’s be honest — we have a bit of a sordid history, don’t we?

Remember when I was a child and you’d look the best of me all through the day? Obviously I haven’t forgotten when you broke out in while I hit my puberty! And then just last few years as I finally started to make peace with you, I got pimples and the your texture begun to degrade, perhaps it was all my fault and maybe I really did ignore you. 

People have often asked me about you and I chose to give deaf ears to one and all. But you need to know that I have been stopped to ask what is wrong with you, motioning toward my dark spots on my face. I have been spending a little too much on that dress and the right pair of heels just because  I wanted to try to look confident despite having a flaky skin that would be the main problem right at the time of my date. But hey I’m starting to realize that it’s our sordid history that’s made me the person I am today. I may not always pamper you, or look after you but I like the person you hold together. Just because of you I felt adorable sloppy kisses of my tiny niece and nephews. It is because of you that I can feel drops of rain as they hit my face during monsoon. And the there have been those not so usual times when you clear up and I celebrate wearing a dress without any apprehension. 

Please understand that I know you had no hand in any of these unfortunate milestones and it is not like you didn’t want to feel beautiful. But it is time you should know something very important: Your desire to celebrate your own-self makes me want to look after you. This valentine’s day I promise to look after you and keep you hydrated always. I am never letting you sleep with makeup on, I will continue to moisturize you daily with with my favourite Boroplus lotion and take extra care of you, every single day! I may not always feel perfect in you, but I’m learning to feel comfortable with me, and I promise to love you starting this valentines. 

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Guiltybytes.

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