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" I Do Not Want Karan In My Life" Says Kamya Punjabi!


Everyone knows that Karan Patel broke up with Kamya Punjabi, now there were rumors round that there is a trouble in Akita and Karan's relationship. In a recent interview with Pinkvilla she said," See neither Ankita is my best friend Nor Karan is my boyfriend! So what happens between them, stays between them. Whether their marital life has hit a rough patch or is going smooth is something I am unaware, unaffected and least bothered about! Usually, people know what they want in life, but I very well know what all I do not want in life; and Karan Patel tops that list! I do not want Karan Patel back in my life anytime! The guy who walks out of someone’s life suddenly and is seen to be with another woman in just two days, is someone who does not deserve to be taken back! Rather no woman would take a similar man back in her life!"

Well, this is something serious! 

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