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"Kapil Shouldn't Have Left Colors, Who Made Him Into A Big Brand" Says Krushna!


Kapil Sharma's Comedy Nights With Kapil is over and it has been replaced by Krushna' comedy show Comedy Nights Live. Recently in an interview with SpotBoye Krushna opened up about Kapil' show. When asked as to how he felt on having a show in Kapil's slot? He said, "For some strange reason, Kapil had a problem when big stars started coming to my show CNB as well. He shouldn't have left Colors, who made him into a big brand. He forgot that when Shah Rukh visited his show for the first time, it was due to Colors and not him. Aap apna show apne dum per chalao, hum apna show apne dum pe chalayenge. Why couldn't he have had a healthy competition with me? Why did he run away? Why did he feel so insecure? He is such a talented artiste. I thought he'll fight back."

When asked if he and Kapil are in talking terms. He said, "We are not on great terms. We talk if and when we meet, say a 'Hi' followed by some small talk. He is upset with me since a long time. He wanted me to be a part of his CNWK gang. I refused."  

Also when asked is Kapil's exit been a good thing for him, he said," Of course. Woh toh maidan chhod ke chala gaya. I can eat the entire cake now." 

Well, we will wait to see if Krushna' s show will be able to gain popularity or not! 

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