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Top Jewellery Must Haves For A Traditional Maharashtrian Bride


Embraced in a gorgeous Paithani saree with hair tied in a bun along with gajra and decorated jewellery, she makes for an elegant Maharashtrian bride. The traditional Marathi bride dons a customary ornament that has several references in Marathi literature and poetry as well.  You’ll adore their timeless details, nods to tradition and effortless elegance. Our Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers expert Shanaya Sardesai will help you understand and select the typical adornments of a traditional Maharashtrian bride…

The diversity that India has when it comes to cultures and traditions is beyond ordinary! There is a story hidden within every community. The absolute essential for a traditional Maharashtrian bride narrates a chapter from the legend. 

The Kolhapuri saaj is an important piece of Maharastrian jewellery. It is extremely famous in the south Maharashtra region and is equivalent to a mangalsutra. The Kolhapuri Saaj represents 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu. It consists of 21 petals of which ten are Vishnu avatars, followed by ruby and emerald stones in two of them. The remaining eight symbolise the eight types of auspicious events in one’s life. 

Another must have jewellery is the ‘Thushi’ from Kohlapur. It looks like a choker that comes with gold beads and intricate work on it. It adds the perfect hint of glamour a bride needs with her ensemble.

Waistbands also referred as “Kamar Bandhs” accentuate the bride’s get up. They are made up of ruby, emerald and kundan and can be paired with non-traditional outfits. 

An armband too is bejewelled by a Maharashtrian bide that completes the attire. A traditional design is in flat, solid gold with precious stones in the centre. The Marathi bride is also seen adorning green bangles, significantly known as the chooda that represents the woman's marital status. Brides can pair traditional green bangles with traditional gold bangles that have intricate stone work on it. 

The bride also wears the nath at the time of her wedding or in a puja ceremony. Woven with pearls, a nath can be customized with a stone of your choice. The nath also stands for the financial status of the family.

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