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5 Ways To Save Your Hair And Skin This Holi


It’s that time of the year again when the atmosphere will be full of Loud music , fun , happiness and smell of delicious Gujias and your friends will smother you with fast colors and colorful water. The The fast colors ,buckets of water , eggs and pichkaris will follow you everywhere and you wouldn't be able to avoid them. Just follow these easy tips to ensure you are safe and get rid of those fast colors quickly:

1. Use coconut Oil
Make sure you oil your hair and complete body before you go outside to play Holi. Oiling the body ensures that the colors don’t stick to your skin and can be washed away easily.

2. Mix Sun Screen with Oil
Mix a good sunscreen lotion with oil to protect your skin from the harsh sun and the permanent colors. This is very important as you would be out in the sun for the whole day, the amount of exposure can cause damage to your skin if not protected by a sunscreen lotion. also the mix will help in washing off the colors easily. 

3. Use Vaseline
Aptly moisturizer and cover the areas of your body like ear lobes, nostrils, lips , back of your neck and front of your chest as they generally are problem areas that need special attention when it comes to removing colors. 

4. Apply Nail paint 
Nails pose a big problem when trying to remove those permanent colors your friends applied on you. Applying nail paint will deter the color from being set on your nails. One must also trim nails to ensure safety while playing.

5. Use  Curd 
Bathe with luke warm water and use curd to remove colors from your body and hair. Using curd will help you take off the color from hair easily and application of curd on body will avoid skin pigmentation . 

Bura Naa Mano, Holi Hai !!!

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