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5 Falvours of Lip Balms Every Girl Should Own!


When It comes to chapped and dry lips we run to get them moisturized with lip balms which happens to be our ultimate savior but we girls should have these particular ones always handy, so get going! Here are some flavours that we totally recommend for you to use :)

 Strawberry: The most easy one to get your hands on it is readily available, the pink tint which it gives to the lips is perfect for a casual day out.

Cherry:  It gives a deep red to your lips and tastes wonderful. Its good for a little dramatic look.

  Orange:  The balm you have to have its gives your lips a spunk.

Lime:  Its almost transparent and is great for chapped lips  and you will hardly complaint about dry lips anymore. 

Chocolate: The beautiful brown shade gives you an earthy color and always feels like chocolate on your lips all the time.

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