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3 Easy Tips To Prevent Runny Eye Make-Up!!


The problem with eye make up is that even though it looks fabulous, it sometimes becomes difficult to handle it especially in this sweaty, summer hear! The liner and other products tend to get a little messy and end up giving us bad panda eyes. But fear not, we have beauty tips for you that will help you getting perfect eye makeup, without any mess. 

Limited Moisturizer
While moisturizing in your daily routine just do it in a limited amount.Because the excess oils, especially around the eye are will smudge your make up. Also, you can consider using eye primer to hold your makeup and avoid creasing instead of applying moisturizer on your eye lids.

Go WaterProof
Be it sweat or water nothing can mess up with waterproof make up it stays on longer and has less chances of running down.

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Use Powder
After you complete your day’s look just powder up your eyes with a compact. This will not only help you get your matte look but also keeps the make up from being runny.

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