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Here's An Easy Hack To Fix Your Most Common Bra Problem!


When you’re about to give a class presentation, go on a job interview, meet with a new client, or even embark on a first date, the last thing you need is for your clothes to start causing problems. The most common problem that all girls including me faces is the peeking or drooping bra straps. Don't panic though! Here's a trick to quickly solve the most common fashion emergency so you'll never be caught unprepared again!!!

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How to Fix Peeking Bra Straps

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Bras are finicky to say the least, and if your straps just won’t stay put, you may worry about one sliding down during your important presentation or that date or during your yoga session. However, you can put that worry to rest with a simple safety pin or paper clip. Use whichever you have handy to anchor the straps together between your shoulder blades, like they would appear on a racerback bra!

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