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This Simple Jeera/Cumin Water Aids Weight Loss And Fixes Beauty Woes


Jeera or cumin seed is one of the most popular cooking ingredients used all through our country. The strong flavor and tepid aroma of jeera has made it an indispensable spice. But do you know that jeera water can be used as a natural remedy for a number of health problems? Not only that but this water can also be used for various skin and hair issues.


Boil 4-5 cups of water in a pan or hot water from your kettle directly. 
Toss 1-2 tablespoon of jeera seeds in the water when it starts bubbling out. 
Remove the pan from the flame immediately. 
Place a lid over the pan to cover it. 
Let it cool to room temperature. 
After cooling your jeera water is ready.  

Know the wonderful jeera water skin and health benefits :

#1 Aids Weight loss
Jeera water benefits weight loss by working as a digestive aid, it ensures you don’t resort to binge snacking between meals.When your internal systems are healthy and toxin free, you will naturally lose weight and look and feel much healthier. It also helps in enhancing saliva secretion and relieves digestive ailments. This prevents the storage of fats and results in weight loss.

#2 Natural Skin Cleaner
Jeera water is an  effective detoxifier and cleansing power . Therefore it is a wonderful skin cleanser for keeping your skin clean, fresh and rejuvenated. It also adds a natural glow to your facial skin.

#2 Treatment Of Acne
Jeera water can be used as a natural remedy for acne. You can easily prepare your own anti-acne toner by boiling jeera in water. Regular application of this can result into a clear, toned and acne-free skin.

#3 Aids Digestion:
Consumption of a glass of jeera water everyday can stimulate the secretion of a number of carbohydrate, glucose and fat breaking enzymes. It enhances your metabolism and keeps the digestive system in track .

 #4 Removes Toxins:
Jeera water is highly beneficial for your liver and stomach. The antioxidants present in the seeds can flush out the toxic materials from your body and promote the regular activities of various internal organs. 

#5 Supports Immune System:
Jeera is an excellent source if iron, which is essential for maintaining the normal functionality of your immune system.Hence, drinking jeera water regularly can help you boost your immunity and stay away from a lot of diseases.

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