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4 Major Beauty Trends Of 2016 That You Have To Follow Right Now!!


The beauty trends of 2016 are out and have been doing rounds for sometime now. Everyone I know is getting ready to follow them and that's why in today's post I give you a quick head start on four important beauty trends of 2016 that you must bookmark! 

Blue/Teal Eyes
Majorly inspired from the mermaid look. The blue eyes are going to be huge this season as it suits all complexions. The blue Liner trend is here to stay so make an investment and a buy a good eyeliner. Additionally the blue is a soothing color to wear in this scorching summer.

Dewy Skin Look
Bid farewell to the matte look this season because here everyone around is going to show a natural glow on their face. This trend makes one look refreshed.  The dewy look is aimed to make you look glossy just as if you have stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

The braids are back and this time bigger and better .The unconventional braid trend is huge leaving your hair pen is just not considered cool anymore. Be it a Bun or a pony make sure you have a braid in your hairdo.

Red Lips
Is there a product out there that can instantly transform your look better than lipstick? Well, this is the year to go out and find your perfect crimson hue. #TeamRedLips

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