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3 Hairstyle Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know To Save Time!


In a Hurry? Getting Late? We understand how important it is to dress up and look great everyday for office or meeting. But time generally becomes our enemy. We just don't have enough time to apply makeup or style our hair the way we want. Some days you might just be having a bad hair day. No need to hide your hair under anything. We have got some tricks up our sleeves to help you look as prim and proper as you want! These Hairstyle hacks will not only save you time, but are also easy to do.

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#1 Just Wash Your Roots

Since your roots are basically what gets oily and dirty ninety percent of the time, it makes sense to just to wash your roots. Yet almost all of us wash the length of our hair daily, which leads to dryness, and split ends. Then you have to deep condition your hair more often, dye more often and get trims more often. For about three-quarters of your hair washes, try using half to a third of the shampoo you’d normally use and only scrub at your roots. When you rinse, let the shampoo run down the length of your hair. Then apply conditioner. Leave the conditioner on while you do your other shower activities, and then rinse it out. You’re saving on time across the board this way, and you’re saving shampoo. Plus, your clean roots will give your hair volume, while the length of your hair will be smooth and silky. Genius isn't it!

#2 Style Your Hair Before Bed

While your hair is still damp after a nighttime shower, style your hair in a way that will lead to the type of style you want in the morning. There are tons of ways to style your hair to get gorgeous waves, like buns and braids. If you want straight hair, wrap your hair around your head with pins, keeping it at straight as possible. For curly hair, remember the traditional rollers. That’s less time primping and preening with heat tools in the morning.

#3 Find Ways To Style Unwashed Hair

Sometimes going a day without washing your hair happens due to time constraints, or maybe you’re just trying to use less product on your hair overall, which is great! When you’re rocking the day-two (or three) level of clean, in that your hair is a bit more greasy than you’d like, there are tons of easy ways to do your hair that will make daily hair washing less of a must. Great options include messy buns, French braids or bedhead look.

You can also use a little bit of powder on roots to make them less greasy, for more such ideas watch our youtube videos

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